Ideas For Consideration Of Straightforward Products In News

A direct mail through somebody’s letterbox is one of the easiest ways to do that,” he said. “A lot of digital media goes straight in the junk file. Letters through letterboxes has a cut through,” Cllr Bennett added. But in a blistering attack, Labour said the sudden stepping up of production smacked of “sharp practice” – and claimed that Forward was far from impartial. “Just before an all-out election in eight months’ time, the council are proposing to publish the paper three times,” said opposition leader, Paul Foster. “At best, that’s gerrymandering – it really isn’t on.” “Having read the [draft of the next edition], I could not believe it. If you swapped Forward for the Conservative magazine “In Touch”, it could be exactly the same thing – it is horrendously biased towards the administration,” Cllr Foster said. The meeting heard that there had never been a change to the mandate for the council to publish Forward and that it was only the communications review which had caused a hiatus in it hitting the doormats. Conservative councillor Michael Green said the newspaper would remain politically neutral.

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