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Train derailment leads to evacuations in San Bernardino

It is not clear how many people were evacuated. Police said “a gas and alcohol-based liquid” is leaking from three of the train cars. However, Kent said only two of the cars are leaking. One car is carrying a type of waxing grease that is considered a hazardous material. The other car contains a nonhazardous material, Kent said. Police said a hazardous materials assessment determined there is no danger to the public. Officials are using drones to identify rail car contents. The incident has closed a stretch of Cajon Boulevard and Glen Helen Parkway. It is not clear what caused the train to derail.

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An elderly woman collecting rubbish Hong Kong ‘cardboard granny’ has case overturned By News from Elsewhere… …as found by BBC Monitoring These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption Thousands of elderly women collect cardboard in Hong Kong and sell it on to recyclers to make money An elderly Hong Kong woman who was fined for “setting down a bag of rubbish” has had her case overthrown following local protests, it’s been reported. According to the South China Morning Post newspaper, 63-year-old Chen Kung-lan was fined HK$1,500 ($191; £150) by officials at the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) on 23 July, after she temporarily placed a bag of cardboard on the ground. She was collecting scrap cardboard in a trolley, but had temporarily set a bag on the ground within sight of an FEHD officer, who told her that she had broken the law. Ms Chen is what is known locally as a “cardboard granny” – an elderly street scavenger who collects rubbish and sells it on to recyclers as a means of making a living. “I told the officer I did not dump the rubbish on the street,” she told the paper. “But he said ‘No, if your bag of rubbish touches the ground, you have already violated the law.'” The authorities in Hong Kong can charge and prosecute rubbish collectors for a number of offences, including causing obstructions and unlicensed hawking. Hove businesswoman’s waste error leads to £600 fine The Waste Picker Platform concern group submitted a letter of appeal to the FEHD and began an online petition on 26 July to rally support for Ms Chen’s cause. It received over 1,600 signatures, and the FEHD overturned her prosecution on Monday. And the case has ignited local concern about the exploitation of such groups.

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