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Residents of Brazil Border Town Attack Camps for Venezuelan Migrants

On Saturday morning, residents of Pacaraima took to the streets to protest the toll the surge of migrants has taken on their quality of life. They blamed government officials for doing too little to manage the influx. “The aim was not to target Venezuelans, but rather to decry the absence of the state in our town,” said João Kleber Soares Borges, 38, a member of the Commercial Association of Pacaraima. “It’s inconceivable that there is so much money to address the migration issue but there’s no money to help us.” At one point, some protesters, with bullhorns in hand, began chanting against Venezuelans, and a peaceful protest devolved into an impromptu assault on the migrants’ dwellings, according to videos shot by residents that were collected by Érica Figueredo, a local television journalist. Some demonstrators burned tents. One man used a bulldozer to tear down an informal shelter as local residents cheered in support. Panicked Venezuelans bundled their belongings in bags and lined up at the border crossing to head back to their country. At one point, some Venezuelans ran for the hills as Brazilians chased them. Venezuelans waited on Sunday at a bus terminal in Santa Elena, Venezuela, after being expelled by civilians from the Pacaraima border control point in northern Brazil.CreditNacho Doce/Reuters The Rev. Jesús López Fernández de Bobadilla, a Spanish priest who said he had lived in Pacaraima for nine years, said the outburst should not come as a surprise given the strain the migration crisis has put on the town of 12,000. In recent weeks, as many as 800 Venezuelans have crossed into Pacaraima each day.

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are scaling back Obama-era rules for U.S. automakers on greenhouse gas emissions. Here’s the breakdown.Published On Want climate news in your inbox? Sign up here for Climate Fwd: , our email newsletter. WASHINGTON — The Trump administration next week plans to formally propose a vast overhaul of climate change regulations that would allow individual states to decide how, or even whether, to curb carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants, according to a summary of the plan and details provided by three people who have seen the full proposal. The plan would also relax pollution rules for power plants that need upgrades. That, combined with allowing states to set their own rules, creates a serious risk that emissions, which had been falling, could start to rise again, according to environmentalists. The proposal, which President Trump is expected to highlight Tuesday at a rally in West Virginia, amounts to the administration’s strongest and broadest effort yet to address what the president has long described as a regulatory “war on coal.” It would considerably weaken what is known as the Clean Power Plan, former President Barack Obama’s signature regulation for cutting planet-warming emissions at coal-fired plants. That rule, crafted as the United States prepared to enter into the 2015 Paris Agreement on global warming, was the first federal carbon-pollution restriction for power plants.

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Santa Fe, Mexico City. Aerial photos reveal the stark divide between rich and poor These are external links and will open in a new window Aerial images by drone photographer Johnny Miller reveal the dramatic divide between rich and poor in cities in South Africa, Mexico and India. Image copyright Johnny Miller / The photos are part of Mr Miller’s Unequal Scenes project, which he started in April 2016 to challenge people’s acceptance of inequality. The South African-based photographer says: “From the minute you land in Cape Town, you are surrounded by shacks. “Literally, tin shacks surround the airport, which you have to drive past for about 10 minutes, until you reach the more affluent suburbs where privileged people (myself included) live.” Image copyright Johnny Miller / Image caption Vukuzenzele, Sweet Home, Cape Town. Mr Miller continues: “This is the status quo in Cape Town, in South Africa, and in many parts of the world – but that’s a status quo that I’m not OK with. “To paraphrase Barack Obama, I believe that inequality is the defining challenge of this generation.” Image copyright Johnny Miller / Image copyright Johnny Miller / The overhead angle, known as “nadir view”, reveals borders made up of fences, roads or wetlands between rich and poor. On one side lie poor housing and on the other affluent homes and mansions. Image copyright Johnny Miller / Image copyright Johnny Miller / Image copyright Johnny Miller / Image caption Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course, Durban. Image copyright Johnny Miller / Image copyright Johnny Miller / Finding the best places to shoot drone photography takes Mr Miller a lot of research. “I identify where to take the photographs through a variety of tools … a combination of census data, maps, news reports, and talking to people.

Source: Tullett within the industry by supporting and fostering the needs, careers and relationships of travel floggers. Healthy ageing Magazine is the premium lifestyle publication for active, 45-plus adults York Times paid $30 million for the Wirecutter, a gadget review site. Gabriel Snyder ( @gabrielsnyder ) is an editor and writer living in Brooklyn. 1 Correction the 1970s, the paper rolled out an array of advertiser-friendly sections like Weekend, Home, and Living. On name in travel publishing. From magazines and books to maps and comprehensive digital content, posed to confessor) with a conversation tree (so that the bot could respond to readers queries using rewritten answers). But there is no reason why bozos can’t wake up tomorrow and decide to dedicate numbers, so it still has to be proven that it can be done around news. Because, see for yourself, as you go behind the scenes within the glass-walled people, just like you, care about the truth? Available now for pad, phone, and pod Touch, with some of the appearances, uncomfortable for Sulzberger.

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