What You Need To Know About Fast Tactics Of New York Times

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Letter: Ken Morgester: Incomplete story makes newspaper biased source

Letter: Ken Morgester: Incomplete story makes newspaper biased source In “Trump attacks the messenger” (editorial, Aug. 16) you demonstrate one of the reasons the media have earned their reputation: the power to withhold, as you do in the editorial, information concerning the Obama administration’s attacks on journalists like the Associated Press, James Rosen and his parents, and others. It wasn’t convenient for the media to cry wolf during the Obama administration, because he is the leader of the Democrat socialist movement of which your organization seems to be a vital member.  You people can’t even be honest about your attacks on Trump. You did little or no reporting on the NBC newsman who was pummeled and severely beaten by Antifa recently or the people who were paid to attend Trump rallies solely to cause postponements or interruptions. With this unseemly editorial you continue to demonstrate your bias. Although fake news may be a lousy term, certainly untruthful news is appropriate. Remember it was Obama who wanted to ban Fox News from the daily press briefings. Trump has never even come close to such a move. Editor’s note: We have criticized President Obama’s behavior toward the media in previous editorials, most recently on July 30.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.providencejournal.com/opinion/20180821/letter-ken-morgester-incomplete-story-makes-newspaper-biased-source

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