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Kuala Lumpur: The National Space Agency (Angkasa) believes the mysterious bright light seen in Sabah’s skies followed by a loud explosion on Monday night was caused by a meteor. The agency said it was a normal phenomenon and people in the state have nothing to worry about. “Based on information received, Angkasa thinks that the object was caused by a meteor from space which was entering the earth’s atmosphere,” the agency explained. It said that the hot meteor could have exploded midway on entry into the earth’s atmosphere, hence the loud sound of explosion. “Following the explosion, the meteor would split in small pieces and possibly would fall on the earth’s surface. “Ninety five per cent of meteors would have been burned upon entry into the earth’s atmosphere,” it further explained. It urged the public to refrain from spreading uncertified information through the social media about the phenomena. Many people in the city including those as far as Kota Belud claimed to have seen the bright light and heard the explosion just before midnight on Monday. A local daily reported that some netizens went as far as claiming it was caused by maintenance work being carried out at the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal (SOGT), while others believed that the Royal Malaysian Navy was conducting a joint military exercise with their American counterparts as a US Navy ship had been docked near the Sepanggar Naval Base.

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As Crazy Rich Asians Hits Theatres, Many Across Asia Express Mixed Feelings About Stereotyping of Indians

“This (movie) is something very personal to people, and it feels like a bigger movement than just the movie itself,” Chu, the director, told The Associated Press. The film has drawn criticism for its inaccurate portrayal of Singapore’s ethnic diversity, with some calling it a misrepresentation of the country’s minority races. Even though a majority of its residents are Chinese, a quarter of its population are Malay, Indian, or Eurasians, with many migrant workers from surrounding countries like Bangladesh or the Philippines. Also Read: Singapore Cyber Attack: 1.5 Mn Health Data Including PM’s Stolen “There’s this whole notion of the movie being a triumph for representation, which is very problematic. The only Indians and Malays you see are servants,” said Nicholas Yong, a Singaporean journalist and author who saw the movie before its Singapore premiere. Even though its glamorous depiction of Singapore could give its tourism a boost, it was not entirely welcomed. To us, ‘Crazy Rich’ should not just be about the opulence and luxury showcased in the film, but Singapore’s actual richness in terms of our diversity. Lynette Pang, spokesperson of Singapore Tourism Board’s As is true anywhere, in Singapore, the super-rich with their extravagant lifestyles are a tiny, privileged minority. Writing in the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong, which has more than its share of tycoons and elite wealthy families, commentator Alex Lo said he enjoyed the film with “guilty pleasure.” But amusement aside, it strikes me the whole purpose of the film exercise is to glamorize and legitimize the super-rich in Asia, many of whom are ethnic Chinese in real life. “Should we, as the audience and hoi polloi, be tantalized and awed by the display of mega wealth, which has been described, by most accounts, as accurate. Or should we rather be repelled?” Many in Asia looked forward to seeing some familiar faces.

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